Vox Nobili - Voice of the Noble



Vox Nobili is always, it seems, looking for a few good men!  Tenor, bass, or bari-tenor switch...  If you

  • Can sight-read sheet music,
  • Can hold intricate harmonies,
  • Can project well in a variety of performance environments,
  • Have a love for the Elizabethan era and its music, and
  • Are willing to procure and wear tights,

PLEASE contact Director Tara Pool by phone or e-mail to set up an interview and audition!



Also seeking good music licensing legal counsel; please see below...

Debut CD project underway!


UPDATE:  Licensing and duplication questions unfortunately forced us to put this off, but we are STILL working on it, and sincerely hope to be able to bring you our Holiday CD this December!

(Previously...)  After years of being asked if we have CDs for sale, we are finally working toward being able to say, "YES!"  Our first recording project is actually a Holiday CD, and will incorporate songs from before Elizabethan times all the way to present day.  Many overly-warm spring and summer rehearsals were given to preparing a select set of pieces, and then we went "into the studio" with Tom Page (who does far more than just photography!) for a Midsummer's recording of Midwinter music.  With a bit of luck, and a lot of hard work, we hope to have this very first Vox Nobili CD available for purchase after Thanksgiving 2011!


Please check back periodically, as we'll announce the release here and over on The Spirit of Christmas Past.  Also, we hope to have sound bites up shortly...


And for those hoping for a CD of our "period" music, never fear!  Once the holiday season has passed, we wholly intend to get back in-studio for a recording of our favorite madrigals!